7 Ways to Completely Rejuvenate the Face with Facial Fat Grafting

The process of aging expresses itself in multiple ways. Of all the facial consequences of getting older, most people are acquainted with the dreaded wrinkles and expression lines. As the skin becomes less elastic, these lines start crossing your forehead, lips, and eyelids, and the lack of collagen makes them deeper and deeper over time.

However, collagen is not the only tissue that disappears when we age. As surprising as it may sound, the lack of fat tissue in your face also contributes to the appearance of signs of aging. Without fat tissue, your skin doesn’t have proper support, so wrinkles become more noticeable, and your facial contours become altered. Facial fat grafting can help reduce these signs of aging.

How Can Facial Fat Grafting Reduce Signs of Aging

To deal with lost volume due to fat loss, plastic surgeons began performing a technique known as facial fat transfer. Through this autologous fat transfer, surgeons harvest fat tissue from body parts that tend to have excess (like hips and abdomens), purify it, then inject it into the facial areas that lack support. This technique is entirely safe and can rejuvenate your facial appearance in many ways:

  • Refresh the undereye area: this type of transfer, known as “under-eye fat transfer,” can fill in sunken, hollowed areas under the eyes, refreshing a tired appearance.
  • Restore lost volume to cheeks: fat is typically lost in this area, so an autologous fat transfer can make the cheeks look full and youthful again. Sometimes people with sunken cheeks seem to appear older or even sick, so this cosmetic touch can drastically improve their looks.
  • Enhance lips: a fat transfer can give the lips a fuller, more hydrated, and more sensual appearance. Thin lips are typically associated with older adults, so this procedure can also refresh the appearance.
  • Soften wrinkles and other signs of aging: this technique also smooths wrinkles and expression lines and works particularly well in those found around the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Soften harsh angles: when fat is missing, sometimes people can find some unpleasant angles in their foreheads, cheeks, and jawlines. Softening them with fat transfer gives them a more friendly appearance.
  • Defines jawline and jawbones: on other cases, people have jawbones that look too prominent and would like to soften their facial contours. Facial fat transfers can also help them achieve this goal.
  • Prolong the need for facelifts: although when the time comes, patients who want to restore their facial appearance would probably need a facelift, facial fat transfer can help them delay surgery. These transfers can “lift” the upper area of their faces, giving them a more youthful appearance.

Facial Fat Grafting in Baton Rouge, LA

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