Welcome to Daugherty Plastic Surgery

Dr. Robyn Daugherty is talented dual board-certified female plastic surgeon in Baton Rouge. She specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face, breast and body. She is thrilled to practice in her home state. She and her family returned to south Louisiana to practice in 2018, and she has built a substantial following of patients. People from all corners of the state and nearby surrounding states have traveled to see her for surgery. She brings compassion, dedication to excellence, and a keen eye for aesthetics to the women and men she serves. She and her husband, Scott, are proud parents of four sons, including a set of twins.

Artistry. Perfection.

Dr. Daugherty went to medical school thinking she would be a pediatrician, but nothing prepared her for how much she would love the surgery rotation. She was amazed that instantly she was able to make a change in someone’s life. As she went on through surgery residency, she chose plastic surgery because of the creativity it allows and precision it demands. Dr. Daugherty is an artist and a perfectionist, so it’s a perfect fit.

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Daugherty strives to providing her patients some extra confidence with reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Daugherty has battled with her own insecurities, especially after giving birth to twins, so she is incredibly empathetic to others struggling in situations that life inevitably hands to all of us. Read more about Dr. Daugherty and schedule your consultation today!

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