Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal Fat Removal in Baton Rouge, LA with Dr. Robyn Daugherty

Throughout history, dramatically sculpted cheekbones have often been a desirable feature. Buccal fat removal procedures have quickly gained the public eye due to celebrities and influencers looking for their ideal facial contouring treatments. This unique procedure helps accentuate the cheekbones by addressing cheek fullness, delivering a more defined appearance.

While rounder, softer faces are often considered more youthful, some patients believe their facial contours are too full, creating a “babyface” or “chubby-cheeked” appearance. Buccal fat removal slims the cheeks for a sleeker facial profile.

With utmost precision and artistic creativity, Dr. Robyn Daugherty is a Baton Rouge buccal fat removal surgeon who strives to help you attain your aesthetic goals through quality surgical care. You deserve a plastic surgeon who listens to your goals and values your time—you deserve the care of Dr. Daugherty.

Renewing your facial contours with one of the best buccal fat removal surgery providers in Baton Rouge, LA is easier than ever! Contact Daugherty Plastic Surgery at (225) 235-3884 or complete our online form to schedule your consultation today. We are located in Baton Rouge and are dedicated to serving plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery patients throughout Louisiana.

What Is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal surgery is also known as buccal fat reduction or cheek reduction surgery. This cosmetic procedure reduces check fullness to create sculpted cheekbones and more refined facial contours. The buccal fat pads are located in the lower portion of the cheeks and are significantly reduced during the procedure. By surgically excising buccal fat, Dr. Daugherty can help deliver a slimmer, more sculpted facial profile.

Buccal fat pads can vary in size by patient and by cheek. Typically, buccal fat is not responsive to diet and exercise changes. It’s important to note that removing too much buccal fat may impact your appearance negatively, creating an older or gaunt-looking appearance. That’s why it’s important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon greatly experienced with buccal fat removal surgery.

Complementary Procedures

Buccal fat removal procedures aim to reduce cheek fullness to deliver a refined, sculpted facial appearance. To create dramatic facial transformation, other facial contouring procedures may be performed simultaneously, including:

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

Ideal Baton Rouge buccal fat removal candidates are non-smokers who are generally healthy and looking for a more sculpted facial appearance. They’re seeking long-lasting results by permanently reducing the fullness of their cheeks.

Dr. Daugherty recommends candidates for buccal fat removal surgery:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Be non-smokers, or willing to quit 4 weeks before and after surgery
  • Have no medical conditions that impair healing
  • Have no serious eye conditions
  • Have realistic expectations and a positive outlook
  • Understand the surgical risks

Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Before & After

Review our gallery for more of Dr. Daugherty’s outstanding, natural-looking buccal fat removal surgery before and after results.

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Dr. Robyn Daugherty is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience conducting procedures of the breast, body, and face. She is committed to improving and enriching her patients’ lives with beautiful, natural-looking plastic surgery results and exceptional patient care. Dr. Daugherty invites you to meet with her for a friendly and informative consultation to learn more about your goals and discuss your treatment options.

Choosing Dr. Daugherty as Your Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Provider

As an artist and a perfectionist, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robyn Daugherty chose plastic surgery because of the precision it demands and the creativity it allows. Teaming extensive medical expertise with her artistic touch, Dr. Daugherty understands how plastic surgery can improve and enrich her patients’ lives with beautiful, natural-looking results, increasing self-confidence and esteem.

As a busy wife and mother of 4 boys, including twins, Dr. Daugherty understands many of the insecurities that many of her patients have also faced. Dr. Daugherty’s goal is to help you restore your confidence with naturally beautiful results no matter your procedure. We want to help you look like you—only better and more youthful.

Your Buccal Fat Removal Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Daugherty will focus on your concerns about your facial anatomy and your ideal outcome. She will discuss the details, benefits, and risks of the procedure, then she will provide her recommendations about attainable buccal fat removal results.

Dr. Daugherty wants you to feel educated and comfortable about the decisions involving your procedure. High-quality care and innovative techniques inform Dr. Daugherty’s dedication to patient safety; the outstanding results she achieves make her your choice for the best buccal fat removal in Baton Rouge.

What Can I Expect During a Buccal Fat Removal Procedure?

Dr. Daugherty customizes each patient’s breast enhancement procedure for optimal results. However, here are some general steps you can expect.

Preparing for Your Buccal Fat Removal Procedure
In the weeks leading up to your surgery, Dr. Daugherty recommends maintaining a healthy, high-protein diet. You will need to stop taking medications and supplements that may cause additional bleeding or bruising. For at least four weeks before and after your procedure, you should quit smoking, vaping, or using any other nicotine products. Nicotine impacts the body’s ability to heal, which can affect your recovery and results.
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Check-In and Anesthesia
On the day of your surgery, you’ll be greeted by our staff and checked in, then you will review your procedural plan with Dr. Daugherty. She will answer any last questions you have and make surgical markings. After you receive local anesthesia, Dr. Daugherty will begin your buccal fat removal procedure.
Buccal Fat Removal Procedure
Dr. Daugherty will begin by creating small incisions on the inside of the cheek to locate the fat pad within the cheek. The excess fat is removed, then the incisions are closed with absorbable sutures. The process is completed one cheek at a time. Typically, buccal fat removal surgeries take 1 to 2 hours.
Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Recovery and Aftercare
Buccal fat procedures are performed under local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia, allowing patients to return home directly following surgery. You will still need a responsible adult to drive you. After buccal fat removal surgery, most patients report experiencing minimal pain and discomfort. Most patients require only over the counter pain medications rather than prescription pain medications throughout their recovery. While patients typically experience mild swelling, bruising is often negligible. Following buccal fat pad removal, patients experience minimal downtime. Patients often feel well enough to resume normal activities the next day, including light work; however, it’s important to rest following your procedure. You should avoid strenuous activities for 3 to 4 weeks, including exercising or heavy lifting.
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How Soon Will I See My Buccal Fat Removal Results?

After your buccal fat removal surgery, you may experience swelling that obscures your final outcome for a few weeks. Swelling will gradually resolve in 4 to 6 weeks, revealing your new, slimmer cheek contours.

The incisions for buccal fat removal surgery are made on the inside of the cheeks, leaving no visible scars after recovery.

You can ensure the longevity of your results and sculpted appearance with Dr. Daugherty’s recommended follow-up care and maintaining your ideal weight as fluctuations can impact your buccal fat removal results.

Sculpt Your Facial Appearance with Buccal Fat Removal in Baton Rouge!

You’ll love your slimmer, more youthful-looking facial profile with long-lasting results! Partner with Dr. Robyn Daugherty, one of the best buccal fat removal surgeons in Baton Rouge.

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Baton Rouge, LA Buccal Fat Removal Surgery FAQs

The cost of Louisiana buccal fat removal surgery is determined by your individual needs and desired results. Following your consultation, Dr. Daugherty will provide a breakdown of the cost of buccal fat removal.

It’s important to eat a diet of soft, bland foods immediately following buccal fat removal surgery. This may include applesauce, mashed potatoes, smoothies, or broth. Avoid eating granular foods like rice or that have sharp edges like tortilla chips. This diet may help you avoid discomfort and pain.

Buccal fat removal recovery can last 2 to 3 weeks. Most patients can resume normal eating habits at this time.

Full, chubby cheeks often create a very young-looking appearance. For some patients, buccal fat removal can create a more age-appropriate look by reducing fat and fullness from the lower portion of the face. It can slim the jawline for a more refined appearance.

Removing too much buccal fat may impact your appearance negatively, creating an older or gaunt-looking appearance. Choosing an experienced, board-certified buccal fat removal surgeon like Dr. Daugherty can help you achieve slimmer facial contours with the utmost care and optimal results.

Like any surgery, buccal fat removal surgery has potential risks, including bleeding, infection, facial nerve injury, or salivary gland injury. Your surgeon should have extensive anatomical knowledge and training to safely perform buccal fat removal. You can greatly reduce your risks of complications by selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Daugherty for your buccal fat removal procedure.

No, buccal fat does not reduce with age. Patients can actually develop a great amount of buccal fat due to the aging process.

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