Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation in Baton Rouge, LA

Do you feel your chin isn’t big enough? Do you have a turkey neck, or are you simply unhappy with your facial profile? A small, recessed, or under-projecting chin can affect a patient’s overall profile and facial aesthetics. For many patients, this condition is a delicate issue that affects their self-esteem and social life.  

At Daugherty Plastic Surgery, we offer a practical and relatively simple solution to this problem: a chin augmentation procedure. This procedure, technically known as genioplasty, is ideal for those patients with small or recessed chins, as it remodels this area to achieve better proportions. 

What Is a Chin Augmentation Surgery

A chin augmentation is nothing but plastic surgery for the chin, performed solely for cosmetic reasons. Like any other plastic procedure, it aims to restore facial harmony, improving the patient’s profile and overall aesthetics. After surgery, patients get a more defined chin and jawline, enhancing their facial features and boosting self-confidence.

In most cases, the patient receives a chin implant, which is usually made of silicone, a soft and biocompatible material. These implants come in different sizes and shapes, so together with your surgeon, you will choose the best type for your needs and aesthetic goals. However, in many mild to moderate cases, effective results can also be obtained with less invasive procedures like dermal fillers or other injectables.

The surgery is an outpatient procedure that can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Dr. Daugherty will make this decision depending on the length and complexity of your genioplasty.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Genioplasty?

Any patient who is healthy enough to receive cosmetic treatment and wants to correct the appearance of their chin can opt for a chin augmentation procedure. This condition is usually genetic, but in some cases, it can also be a sign of facial aging. However, the cause is not crucial in deciding which treatment to pursue.

During your consultation, Dr. Daugherty will recommend a course of treatment depending on the severity of your case and your own cosmetic expectations. Patients who want a subtle adjustment to their appearance can use a more conservative alternative, like dermal filler injections. Still, we recommend considering surgery if you are looking for a more dramatic, permanent change to your profile. 

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Dr. Robyn Daugherty is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience conducting procedures of the breast, body, and face. She is committed to improving and enriching her patients’ lives with beautiful, natural-looking plastic surgery results and exceptional patient care. Dr. Daugherty invites you to meet with her for a friendly and informative consultation to learn more about your goals and discuss your treatment options.

What Can I Expect During a Chin Augmentation Procedure?

There are different alternatives to deal with this condition, so the procedure varies according to the treatment chosen. We summarize the options in two groups:

A dermal filler can be a good alternative for mild to moderate cases. These injections contain hyaluronic acid, the building block molecule of collagen which is naturally present in the body that adds volume to your face. Fillers can enhance the look of a small chin and improve neck contours, but they are reabsorbed by the body over time, making the results temporary. This treatment takes one appointment that lasts between 20 and 60 minutes. In this session, Dr. Daugherty injects the filler in different locations until she obtains the desired results. The number of injections depends on how different your current situation is from your ideal outcome. After the session, most patients can resume their normal routine the next day with minimal to no down time.
Surgical Genioplasty
This treatment is ideal for those patients looking for more dramatic and permanent results. Depending on the complexity and length of the procedure, it can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Once the area (or the patient) is sedated, Dr. Daugherty makes a small incision in the crease under the chin or inside the lower lip. She dissects the different tissues until she reaches the chin. Then, she inserts the implant and works on the area until obtaining the desired results. The implant is secured into place with suture or a small screw. When the surgery is completed, she closes the wound with stitches and applies a bandage. In most cases, the patient has no visible scars after the treatment.
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Chin Augmentation Recovery

Recovery time is dependent on the type of procedure. Dermal filler injections require no downtime, so you can return to work and your social life without inconvenience. There may be some mild swelling or bruising that will resolve in a few days.  . 

Chin augmentation surgery, on the other hand, requires some downtime. Although it’s not as complicated as other surgical procedures, patients must follow some post-op instructions and take it easy for a few weeks.

Dr. Daugherty will explain in detail what you can expect after surgery according to the characteristics of your particular treatment. 

Chin Augmentation Cost

It’s hard to estimate the cost of a chin augmentation treatment as it varies significantly from patient to patient. It will depend on the type of treatment, the technique employed, and the degree of augmentation expected.

Once Dr. Daugherty has outlined a customized treatment plan during your consultation, you will be given an accurate quote for your procedure. After the appointment, our front office team will explain your different payment options.

Why Choose Dr. Daugherty for My Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. Robyn Daugherty is a dual board-certified plastic surgeon with vast experience and extensive training. She stays on top of the latest evidence-based research in plastic surgery to make sure her patients receive the best care possible. Her main goal is to improve her patients’ lives and self-esteem through surgical procedures, obtaining results that enhance natural features and persist over the years. Dr. Daugherty invites you to meet with her for a friendly and informative consultation to learn more about your expectations and discuss your treatment alternatives.

Chin Augmentation Before & After

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but at Daugherty Plastic Surgery, we believe a good Before & After picture is priceless. That is why we compiled some chin augmentation cases to show how a simple procedure can transform your facial appearance. 

See our gallery of Dr. Daugherty’s before and after chin augmentation patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chin Augmentation in Baton Rouge, LA

You should avoid exercising and other activities that increase your blood pressure for at least four weeks following your chin augmentation surgery. However, Dr. Daugherty recommends that you should begin slowly walking as soon as possible.

If your chin augmentation is performed with dermal fillers, you should avoid strenuous exercises for at least 24 hours.

Most patients find that they feel more comfortable after completing a little research into their chin augmentation procedure, including chin implants or dermal fillers. Dr. Daugherty recommends patients bring photos of after results that they may wish to achieve. During your consultation, Dr. Daugherty may use these photos to help discuss the realistic, anatomically accomplishable results she feels are achievable.

Following your chin augmentation surgery, Dr. Daugherty recommends taking at least one week off work for recovery. Due to the nature of surgical chin augmentation, you may experience swelling or bruising that is difficult to conceal, leading to social downtime.

For dermal filler chin augmentation, you will not experience any downtime. However, you may experience slight swelling or bruising at the injection sites.

Both surgical chin augmentation and dermal fillers are effective options for achieving facial enhancements; however, not all patients are good candidates for surgical chin augmentation. Each patient should make their own choice during a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Some things to consider when making this decision are:

  • Overall health
  • Facial anatomy
  • Skin quality 
  • Aesthetic goals
  • Temporary or permanent results

Chin implants are a permanent device. They are made of solid medical-grade silicone, and they do not need to be removed or exchanged like some other implants, such as breast implants.

The goal of chin augmentation is to bring balance to the overall facial appearance. Depending on your facial anatomy and unique aesthetic goals, other procedures may work in conjunction with a chin augmentation to renew your appearance, enhancing your facial balance and increasing your confidence. 

Chin augmentation can be combined with other facial procedures, including: 

Following your consultation with Dr. Daugherty, she will provide you with thorough instructions on how to best prepare yourself for your chin augmentation procedure. Here are a few things to get you started: 

  • Get any tests or lab work that Dr. Daugherty or your physician requires
  • Adjust your medications per Dr. Daugherty’s instructions
  • Stop smoking, vaping, or using nicotine products at least four weeks prior to your procedure
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements for at least a week prior to surgery
  • Make transportation arrangements for the day of your surgery and to care for you the first few days
  • Prepare some nutritious foods that can be frozen for easy to prepare and easy to eat meals during your recovery

Following your chin augmentation surgery, you will notice immediate changes to the size or shape of your cheeks, chin, or jaw. However, expect to also experience temporary swelling that may obscure your results. Residual swelling may take a few months to resolve and reveal your full results.

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