Here’s How to Make Your Botox Last Longer!

Don’t you wish Botox® injections would last forever? Well, you are not the only one. This minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment smoothens your skin, refreshing your appearance and making you look more youthful and radiant. Who wouldn’t like to look that good forever?

Unfortunately, the active component behind this effect wears off over time, and patients need to repeat injections to maintain these fabulous results. Most patients need to schedule appointments every three to four months, but there are some tips you can follow to try to prolong the time between visits as long as possible.

Avoid Intense Sun Exposure

It’s known that UV radiation causes premature skin aging. But there is another reason why you shouldn’t sunbathe after receiving the injections. Sunlight dilates the blood vessels, which increases facial blood circulation. This prompts the absorption of the Botox molecules and reduces its effects.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

Moisturizing lotions and skincare products contain retinol, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, growth factors, and other proteins that can help your skin look plump and healthy, making the Botox® effect last longer. The better care you give your skin, the longer any facial treatment will last.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is simply vital to your body. Using a moisturizer is effective and necessary, but no lotion will ever replace water. Drinking water helps eliminate toxins and other metabolism products that your skin no longer needs and helps to maintain its fresh and hydrated appearance.

Quit Smoking (or At Least Try)

It is widely known that smoking brings no benefit to your lungs. But not that many people know that it also affects your skin. Nicotine, the main cigarette component, narrows blood vessels, which limits blood supply. As a consequence, fewer proteins and moisturizing molecules get to the skin.

Eat Clean

The sugar in sweets and some processed foods interfere with the action of collagen and elastin, affecting skin’s hydration. It’s also advisable to cut down on caffeine, as it also dehydrates, and to limit dairy intake, as it is a source of inflammation. A healthy diet has more benefits than you may consider!

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

Just like caffeine, alcohol is dehydrating—but on a whole different level. Besides being more dehydrating, alcohol adds stress to your body and causes blood alterations that can ultimately affect your skin.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress shows itself by winkles, frowns, and expression lines—all the signs of aging that we try to combat with Botox®. Although one cannot simply decide to be less stressed, some techniques and activities can help at least control it. We recommend Botox® patients try yoga or meditation to prolong the lifespan of the injections.

Schedule Regular Appointments

The best way to extend the lifespan of your Botox® injections is to plan what is known as maintenance treatment. We recommend scheduling appointments in advance, even before your results start wearing off so you never have to experience it.

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